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How to add drop down list in Google Sheets in 2022?

Topic: How to add drop down list in Google Sheets in 2021?

The inconsistent data in Google sheets, such as misspelling, abbreviations, small and capital letters, different spelling for names, etc., cause problems during data analysis.  The data cleaning takes a lot of time too. So to prevent you from this chaos, the Google sheet has an option of a drop-down list. The drop-down lists also ensure that no irrelevant data is entered into the sheet. The drop-down list confined the users to enter only the required data.  The drop-down list can be of dates, texts, numbers; it can be Yes or No, or anything as per your requirement.

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to add the drop-down list to the google sheet. So stay with us; we will tell you every step with the help of images, so you understand it correctly.

How to add drop down list in Google Sheets in 2021?

Here are the steps to add a drop-down list to the Google Sheet.

  1. First, you have to open a Google spreadsheet.
  2. Let’s suppose you want to add a drop-down list for the years. So write the years in one column of the sheet.
  3. Now select the cell where you want to add the drop-down list. You can choose the range of cells as well.
  4. Hit the Data from the upper navigation bar.
  5. Click on the Data Validation.
  1. Now a Data Validation Daio Box will pop on your screen.
  1. On the Data Validation Dialog Box, you will get some options. 

Cell Range: it is referring to where you want to add the drop-down list. Make sure you select the correct cell range. If you’re going to add a drop-down list to the multiple cells, then select various cell ranges in this box.

Criteria: here, you can select the items on the list. The criteria itself has a drop-down list. You can choose the list of things, list from the range, numbers text, or anything from the criteria drop-down list as per your requirement.

  1. Here we have already listed the years in a range to go with the “list from a range option.”
  2. Click on the next tab of criteria that says” Enter a range or formula.”
  3. Select the range and press OK.
  1. Now check the bar “shows the drop-down list in the cell.” An arrow will appear on the cell by checking this bar where you have added the drop-down list. When you click on the arrow, the drop-down list will appear on your device’s screen.
  2. There is another field, “On Invalid Data.” This field has two further options.

Show warning: if you select this option, whenever someone enters anything else that is not included in the list, the Google sheet will warn.

Reject Input: if this option is selected, the Google sheet will not accept anything other than the items mentioned in the drop-down list and show the following message.

  1. The last field is “Appearance.” If you check the “Show validation help text,” then a bar will appear. You have to write a text in it. It will help the users and guide them about the field.
  1. Hit the save, and you have got your drop-down list.

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