FastComet Review 2022 || Best Managed Cloud Hosting

In this FastComet Review, you will learn that setting up a new website is super smooth and fast. I like their concept of paying a lot of attention to the user’s experience.

FastComet Review

Are you looking Best Managed Cloud Hosting Server where you host your website then FastComet is best Choise for you and for your website. FastComet offer you Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers! Try Now.

Key  Features:

  • Free Domain Transfer
  • SSD-Only Cloud
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Powered by cPanel
  • Daily and Weekly Backups
  • Free 24/7 Priority Support
  • Free Managed Migrations
  • 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee





Ease of Use


FastComet is one of the few privately-owned, independent and global web-hosting companies nowadays. More than 50,000 private web hosting business owners refer to FastComet for web hosting. Established in 2013, it is currently one of the best web hosting companies in the world. Choosing the most suitable web hosting service provider is of the foremost priority for any private website owner.

There are more advantages of using FastComet Hosting than other web hosting providers because the rating obtained by customer feedback is much impressive at the first look.

FastComet Pricing


FastComet Hosting is known for the high-speed data and information management facility it provides to the customers. The speed of the domain always remains high. Apart from the speed, the web hosting domain which is provided by FastComet has an uptime of 99.94 percent. These structural features are perfect for enhancing the technological performance of the company.

  • Customer evaluation – FastComet evaluates the feedback of the customer as the foremost goal of the company. FastComet has a helpline desk which is open throughout a day and always ensures that customer complaints are dealt with effectively within the shortest span of time possible. There are several options of communication available to the distressed customers which are offered by the company make FastComet the first choice of many users.
  • Reliability – For its quick response to customer complaints and the high-quality service of web hosting, FastComet Hosting Company surpasses many of its competitors in the market. The company is well-known across the market for its reliability.
  • Developmental procedures – FastComet has an exceptionally well trained and efficient Technical team which constantly keeps on upgrading the software programmes which are provided to the customers by FastComet. The technical team keeps on developing the software applications continuously so that the systems do not crash down at the time of emergency and immediate requirements.

The special features of FastComet Hosting also include Cloud VPS Hosting. Under this VPS programme, FastComet does not only restrict its services just to providing hosting services. The launch of the public cloud service has enhanced the development of complete software packages for web hosting.

FastComet provides three main types of hosting which are :

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting – The Shared Hosting Feature of FastComet provides a wide range of data centres and the marketing procedures involve the use of less technical language so that new users of hosting do not find it much difficult to operate hosting services under this type of Hosting feature. This type of Hosting not only offers basic plans for single websites but also offers several web hosting packages for multiple sites and domains to manage multiple programmes at a time. The main features of this Shared Hosting Program are Lifetime Subscription of domains, guaranteed resources, no additional cost of multiple times registration, open source hosting programme, without many technical complexities, the actual choice of the Datacenter and others.
  • Dedicated Hosting  – The Dedicated Hosting feature of FastComet helps it to provide the availability of exceptionally high speed during the time of web hosting. It not only makes the company gain the trust of its customers but also makes it perform all its technical functions with its unwanted glitch.

Cloud VPS 

The Cloud VPS programme helps the company to offer high quality management options for multiple domains at the same time to the users. The private operators who engage a large number of people accessing through a domain at a time always look for a company who can provide the option to operate multiple websites at a time for hosting purposes. The only web hosting service provider which can provide both high speed and multiple domain access without many technical complexities is FastComet Solutions.

FastComet also provides WordPress Cloud to improve its performance efficiency and instead of all the services provided by the company, FastComet is still not called perfect due to some cons or disadvantages of using FastComet as your web hosting service provider. The cons of FastComet, hence, are :

Being a software programme provider, FastComet should look for new ways to select offers and discounts or special packages for the customers who can be marked as regular users of FastComet Services. The lack of special plans or the high cost of added plans somehow ends up being a reason for losing customers very often as they would not expect such high price for special plans, where the registration process is highly cost efficient. So, the price look guarantee is broken under this software program.

FastComet does not provide a special IP address to users under the plan of shares Hosting procedure.

Also, for the VPS cloud users, FastComet offers only seven days of free trial whereas there are several other companies operating in the same field offering a free trial period much more than that. This restraint some customers from showing complete trust in FastComet.

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Pros and Cons of FastComet

Most FastComet review that you find online do not really cover their pros and cons. So let’s talk about the pros and cons of FastComet Cloud Hosting.


  • 45 day money back & 99.9% server-uptime guarantee
  • SSD hosting – site loads 300%* faster (*according to FastComet)
  • Free site migration and free daily & weekly backups
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN, NGINX and HTTP/2
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installer with free theme setup


  • Only the FastCloud Extra plan comes with the RocketBooster speed and security
  • You can’t host additional websites on the entry-level FastCloud Plan
  • No server locations available in South America and Africa

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WPX Web Hosting

Are you looking for a faster and superior Web Hosting services to run your wordpress sites? Then Try WPX Hosting. WPX provide you with superior page loading SPEED through our OWN high-speed, custom Content Delivery Network. WPX offer you 30-second AVERAGE support response time on 24/7/365 Live Chat by experienced Support.

5 of 5 stars

#2Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Are you looking for a cheap and best cloud hosting then Cloudways – a managed cloud hosting solution for people that feel server management is a hassle. Value, Speed And Expertise. Their plans start from as low as $10/month along with pay-as-you-go plans. Hence, you only pay for the resources you have consumed.

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#3Bluehost Web Hosting

BlueHost Web Hosting

Bluehost ( which is Recommended by WP‎ ) is a treasured hosting option that many people seem to enjoy. They are happy to provide effective WordPress hosting options all at a convenient price.

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